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The Ocellated Turkey (Meleagris ocellata) is a species of turkey residing primarily in the Yucatán Peninsula. A relative of the Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo), it.
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Ideally, before you raise turkeys, it is helpful that you know the terminologies and interesting facts about turkeys so that you wouldn’t be thrown off guard when.
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noun a wild turkey, Agriocharis ocellata, of Yucatán, Belize, and Guatemala, typically having green, blue, reddish-brown, and yellowish-brown plumage of a metallic.
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Heritage Turkey Hatching Eggs For Sale Harp Turkey Ranch, Heritage Turkey Hatching Eggs For Sale Harp Turkey Ranch
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Ocellated Turkey Image - Image courtesy of Virgil Bates, Florida Avian Conservancy, Inc. Ocellated Turkey Picture - Image courtesy of Virgil Bates, Florida Avian.
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Meleagris ocellata. Back and front views of an Ocellated tom Photo courtesy of Gemma Marshalls. This Central American species of turkey is quite different from the.
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Ocellated turkeys are known by several different names that vary by Central American locale: pavo, pavo ocelado, or its Mayan Indian name, ucutz il chican. Very.
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